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Brews & Clues is a location-based trivia game that brings you and your friends together to explore the city—and enjoy a few drinks.

Immediately after completing checkout you’ll receive an email invitation to activate your team’s tour. The email includes information about the best times to do your tour, the starting location, and all the instructions to get you started.

Get your crew together at the starting location and invite your teammates to join your tour.

No trivia team is complete without a team name—choose wisely—it’ll live forever on the Leaderboard. Choosing the right captain is critical too. They’ll be responsible for keeping the team on track and inputting your final answers.

The tour guides your team through the city while highlighting its history, landmarks, and bars. Along the way you’ll have to have to answer trivia, solve puzzles, and find hidden artifacts scattered around the city.
Throughout the tour we’ll guide your team to some of the best bars in the city. Prepare for 4 to 6 stops before completing your tour.

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