Top 5 Best Eats on the San Antonio River Walk

There may not be a better place to eat (or drink) in Texas than on the San Antonio’s River Walk, one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Lone Star State. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, we want you to experience the best food the River Walk has to offer—especially those options that are a bit off the beaten path.

You can pub crawl your way along the water, but you better alternate those adult beverages with some solid food if you think you’re going to pull off a “Lionel Richie” and party “all night long”.  With over 30 restaurants and bars to choose from, we want you to make the most of your time on the River Walk.

Here are our top 5 picks for the “Best Eats” on San Antonio’s River Walk



The Esquire Tavern’s

“Fried Pickles”

If you only eat one thing during your River Walk adventure, it has to be these slices of pickled perfection. First of all, The Esquire may just be the best damn bar on the San Antonio River—period. It’s the longest wooden bar in Texas and was opened to celebrate the end of Prohibition in the States. The cocktails and beer selection are serious, but the food is the real star. And, these pickles deserve an Academy Award.

First, the pickles are made in house. No frozen BS at the Esquire. Second, they’re served with a homemade ranch dressing that I would literally drink with a soup ladle if I weren’t so damn lactose intolerant. Get these pickles now—for real!

They also have a late-night menu that may save your life and their Happy Hour (M-F from 3 – 7 pm) offers some eclectic food choices that are not typically on the menu. Feeling adventurous? Order the Green Eggs and Ham Nachos. You will eat them at the bar. You will eat them in your car. And, you will eat these nachos wherever you are (because they are tasty AF).

Bier Garten

“Sausage on a Stick”

Just a few steps down from the Alamo, you will find the Bier Garten—a German oasis of beer, meat, and pretzeled snacks. The best part of San Antonio’s River Walk is that it allows you to enjoy drinks “to-go” and this is a great place to grab a beer and some heavy, delicious snacks. You have to try the Sausage on a Stick—it’s a spicy, snappy Texas sausage served in a homemade pretzel bun and served on, you guessed it, a stick.

The stick allows you to walk, drink, talk, and eat. It’s also a great shareable if you don’t mind a friend gnawing on your stick. Pair this treat with a nice liter of Shiner Bock, and you have the recipe for a perfect pit stop on the River Walk.


The Country Line’s

“5 Meat Smokehouse Combo”

Get ready for some serious meat sweats because the County Line is not for the faint of heart or light eater. This beast of a meal is best shared with a group of friends and will give you the best BBQ on the River Walk.

Expect a sampler of delicious meats.  Make sure that you include the melt-in-your-mouth brisket and some ribs. And, don’t count out the sides that come with (we highly recommend the garlic mashed red-skinned potatoes). You might want to wear your eating pants because you’re not walking out of here unscathed.

Rita’s on the River’s

“Jalapeño Bacon Corn Dip”

No trip to the San Antonio’s River Walk is complete without a margarita. We highly recommend trying one of the cool libations offered by Rita’s.  While waiting for those drinks, order your table this explosive appetizer that you could eat by itself with a spoon. Thankfully, they bring you a side of tortilla chips so you can practice your best table manners with your friends.

This dish is so good that Guy Fieri wishes he could have invented it. The spice from the jalapeño mixes perfectly with the crispy bacon and cheese. It’s a great way to start your day or the perfect dish to end it—either way make sure you hit Rita’s on your trip and order this app.


“Original Recipe Ice Cream”

We have to recommend at least one dessert item, and Kilwin’s famous ice cream is the only choice for the sweet tooth in your group. They’ve been at it since 1985 crafting some of the best homemade ice cream you’ll ever lick off a cone. While matters of taste are not to be disputed, we have a couple of flavors you should try immediately!

The New Orleans Praline Pecan and the Blueberry Waffle Cone are not to be missed. What’s their secret? The use the best ingredients and only make their ice cream in small batches. You will not be disappointed.

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